LISA RENEE on “Anunnaki and Black Sun Omicron Bio-Weapon Agenda”

“They invaded our planet to intentionally hybridize with the human race to destroy the original genetic template of the Founding races, so they could gain complete control over the planetary body as well as several multidimensional timelines. The Anunnaki comprise a large group of multiple density race lines that are the hybrid creations of Fallen Elohim-Seraphim-Dolphin Apes that declared themselves Anti-Christics, as their intended group agenda was to completely annihilate the diamond sun template of the Elohei-Elohim’s angelic human guardian race lines. Thus, the Anunnaki history includes many gruesome details that frame the hidden history of extraterrestrial-interdimensional involvement in the genocide of angelic human civilization, in their quest to destroy all ancient knowledge of the spiritual origins of the angelic human race on behalf of their dark masters. Also, Saturn is the 7D Solar Stargate, so it was utilized to continue to pump out reversal violet ray plasmas or Inverted 7D Violet Ray through the Peruvian gateway system, and this Gaian Shadow Body distortion was generating reversal plasmas and reversal violet light throughout the planetary grid network. With the Earth’s field weakened by inverted 7D violet current, the Black Sun Omicron Draconian races from Alpha Draconis generated an artificial wormhole on the 7D axiatonal line that connected with the 7D stargate in Lake Titicaca, Peru. The Earth’s magnetic brain was corrupted by the 7th dimensional planetary logos layers when the 7D Violet Ray transmissions became inverted into reversal current and strategically hijacked by several factions of the NAA forces. These reversal plasmas were designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the Shadow Selves or negative forms of humanity, which the recent bio-weapon injection was designed to fully empower. The bio-weapon injection includes instructions for complex building materials to reassemble in the human bloodstream for the purpose of energy conduction and bio-neurological attunement to these same psionic group pods collective mind control messaging. Many in these pods have implanted thoughts to take over the minds of the so-called power elites, politicians, entertainers and celebrities used to enforce the NAA narratives. Although we are plagued with censorship and blocked from receiving any modicum of truthful information in the public sphere, know that many positive things are happening for the liberation of the planet and all of humanity. May we hold gratitude for the brave and courageous truth tellers and truth seekers, and the Cosmic Elohei family and many more that are tirelessly working for human liberation with the promise of the Emerald Covenant.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Cosmic Elohei, Thuban


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