LISA RENEE: “Genetic Equals”

Genetic Equals were birthed into one of the Krystal Star lineages from the God Worlds and share the same realm of their source origin when they were simultaneously created for each other in gender pairs. Guardian Host defines the usage of the term Genetic Equal as the original spiritual male-female gender pair that share one unified hierogamic consciousness body from outside of the time matrix sourcing from the Kryst-Krystallah God Worlds. The Genetic Equal partner holds the same original Krystal gene gender coding of the Diamond Sun silicate matrix in the Christos-Sophia family line. By seeking inner balance through the perfect union made between the masculine and feminine forces, the consciousness is made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in the spiritual alchemy of unified polarities, the hierogamic union of a god and goddess, a perfected being. The Christos Mission included the reclamation of gender pairs that had been separated as a result of damage to the genetic codes in the time matrix caused from NAA invasion, and usually one of the genders has a mission to repair their personal DNA imprint on the Earth in so to be reunited with their genetic equal again during the Ascension Cycle. The perfect balance and union between masculine and feminine principles, united as One, is our true destiny of spiritual freedom.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Hieros Gamos


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