LISA RENEE: “Ray Identity”

“Our Universe is composed of multiple energetic ray spectrums that vitalize and move Consciousness intelligence through our energetic Chakra and 12 Tree Spherical systems. Most people’s chakras are not running these higher energies until they begin to spiritually awaken and dedicate time to their Soul, which develops Consciousness. Otherwise, they are dormant. Depending on the year you were born, there are Ray configurations of that energy wave spectrum that will influence your body, your ego personality. These Ray configurations are in a specific organization of the soul and higher bodies and are intrinsic to the spiritual blueprint patterns, which are the highest expression for spiritual purpose. Many times we deny or reject what we really are designed to be, because we feel it is ‘too hard’ or it does not fit our ego’s desires. The Ray Identity is just beginning to be made aware of its existence, and as humanity evolves, should be another area to explore and discover. The Indigo Ray 6 is one such example of a Ray Identity force.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary / Energetic Synthesis

Photo by Ascension Avatar (1-16-2016)

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