LISA RENEE on “Spiritual Spouses”

“The term Hieros Gamos is used generally to refer to the sacred marriage between two divinities, or between a human being and Mother/Father God, or between two human beings, under certain special conditions; the ultimate alchemy of forces which harmonize polar opposites. Hieros Gamos is a monadic twin merging and then Avatar Christ embodiment into the monad. The Ascending Human accepts Hieros Gamos after inner balancing is perfected, manifests its expression into the physical as a Rod and Staff Union with its genetic equal, its Monadic Twin. Alchemy has often been represented as a mystical marriage of the lunar element representing the feminine, and the solar element representing the male. These two forces of opposing elements meet and are joined in what is known as the Chemical Wedding. This union creates something bigger and more powerful than the individual parts, the perfect integration of male and female energies, the entire creation of a new intelligent force. The union of the male principle into Living Compassion is married to the Female principle of Living Wisdom, which then integrates into One functioning entity and intelligence field. Briefly, it is understood that the alchemical sacred marriage is possible between any genders physically manifested that were spiritually mated to perform alchemy of their substances. It is also possible that non-physical Spiritual Spouses will also be involved in some of the Hieros Gamos templating, for those who choose to stay on within physical incarnation, to accomplish biological ascension. Spiritual Spouses may or may not physically incarnate. Some Spiritual Spouses being introduced now will become the sacred marriage partner in another timeline. Sometimes you will be contacted by guides before you even meet the partner in the physical plane. Many times it will appear one way in the physical, and completely different or the opposite energetically. Patience with timing will align the congruency of the physical reality to the energy signature. It is a part of the spiritual initiation and ascension process and now this is available on the earth. Cultivate your inner discernment and know there is nothing to be scared of. Sacred marriage holds incredible power of protection once you unify with each other and clear the astral delusion and emotional fears. Do your emotional healing work together and lead always from what you feel in your heart. Sacred Marriage is a state of being in our hearts that we have desperately missed and have been yearning for since the beginning of time. This time it cannot be stolen from you.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Energetic Synthesis

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