LISA RENEE: “Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper”

“The triad of the 16D, 17D and 18D source fields have been anchored onto the planet through Stargate Hubs and organic chakra flowering systems, which are portal passages from the God Worlds and are the means through which God Forces are manifesting the God World Trinity in this density. This has highlighted the immense pleasure of being reunited with the Rha God World Creation of The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas. The Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives are also referred to as Amethyst Dragon Kings, who are contacting the Amethyst Order lineages throughout our Universal Time Matrix to begin transmissions of the Violet Flame God Seed Crystal, and support the Holy Father principle healing in the crystal heart matrix of the planetary system. The Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper and sands of time activation in particular are the powerhouses which collapse the metatronic sextant matrix operating the lunar rods and reversal currents across the planetary grid. Lunar rods or AI false rods were used to spin reversal currents onto ley lines and are that which corrupted the elementals by generating bindings with the AI dodecahedrons and AI programmable carbon-based matter which forms into the 666-Beast Machine configuration of the Yahweh Matrix. The Amethyst Order Holy Father light purplish tones appear to form into lilac-lavender rays from the crystals of Aquareion, which are designed to run corrected sextant matrix coding and appear to be reconfiguring the planetary clock shield templates in the Sextant Matrix network through the recently introduced Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper architecture. This dispensation of the Code of the Violet Sun is sourcing from the Cosmic Holy Father and Cosmic Holy Mother unified creations in the God Worlds, which allows for all genetic lineages in our time matrix to have the opportunity to rehabilitate into the many possible pathways to ascension. This Solar Light coding generates another level of support for the hosting portal passages in trans-time continuum, which open corridors through which we can navigate our return back into our true spiritual source family and spiritual home.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary

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