LISA RENEE on “Kabbalistic Demonology”

“To most of the human population, common place black magic satanic rituals that involve the killing and torturing of other human beings, including children, for the purpose of gaining extreme wealth, power and control is just not fathomable. It is very hard for most people to fathom the levels of evil being perpetuated during this phase of human genocide via the plandemic, which is to purposely maim, injure and kill many of the global population. Although Christ has no enemy, it is wise to know those groups possessed by Anti-Christ forces who would gain pleasure from torturing and killing humans for their own selfish power and means to control. Going back to the Luciferian doctrine and Kabbalistic Demonology helps to explain the control overlays introduced by the NAA to their preferred bloodlines over generations, in which the deal with the devil was made so to speak. As long as the bloodlines kept the line open to the NAA for unlimited human trafficking, child sacrifice and access to human body parts for harvesting on and off planet, these so called power elite would remain in global power for as long as they are being protected by the negative alien groups. This protection given from the NAA groups is coming to an end.”

~Lisa Renee

~via – Time Shift Blog – published July 19, 2021

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