PURE TWIN FLAMES on “Twin Flames Telepathy Love Making”

The phenomenon of twin flames telepathy love making is absolutely real, although the earthly mentality questions it harshly. The spiritual connection of two twin flames transcends all obstacles of the physical plane, making it possible for two individuals to communicate telepathically, even for love making. The twin flames are linked together through the soul, mind, body and spirit. They belong to the same energetic source, therefore they are always together even if they are physically far apart. This connection is so powerful that it can be perceived even if the twin flames do not yet know each other. Remember that they have belonged to each other since before they were born. They meet again on this physical plane to transcend together spiritually.

~via Twin Flames Telepathy Love Making: An Extraordinary Ability

Art work courtesy of Lisa Renee @ EnergeticSynthesis.com


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