LISA RENEE on “Flushing Out Underground Nests of Assorted Non-Human Forces” (aka “The Russia vs. Ukraine” Stage Show)

“This particular phase is a heightened spiritual battle to reclaim and resurrect the Mother’s body parts along with the Solar Feminine Christ sophianic templates which have been hijacked by alien invaders to generate clones and assorted genetic anomalies for terraforming the planet. Some of these alien constructs are known as the womb worlds, which are essentially phantom realms existing within interdimensional pockets or black holes burrowed in the planetary body. These inorganic spaces have been created and inhabited in order to service abduction, trafficking, and genetic experimentation for human and animal cloning centers. Guardian Host calls this a Failsafe level of implementing new Krystic organic architecture planetary upgrades that are coming in right now from the Cosmic Founder Source Domains. In military terms, this is akin to describing spiritual warfare escalating to Failsafe levels as a Defcon alert. They pointed out to be aware of several upcoming potential false flags for world events that are currently showing up in the timelines as NAA manipulated Armageddon programs, in which organized prayer groups and combined efforts are quietly capable of neutralizing. The anti-Christ entities cannot see this particular organic Krystic architecture being put in place as it is out of their perceptual reach. There is an ongoing process of flushing out underground nests of assorted non-human forces such as dragon moth entities and their military worker hierarchies that administer to an extensive 11D Typhon Tunnel structure in Ukraine, which has connections underground into several countries. This energy signature is beyond nasty and difficult so please tread carefully, as these particular events are more impactful to the Family of Michael who have embodied the 11th gate architecture and who have acted as the grail protectors of the 11:11 in multiple timelines.”

Lisa Renee ~ February 7, 2022 (before the stage show began)

~via Failsafe Mission Upgrade

Ascension Avatar note: People need to be aware that the Russia/Ukraine stage show has NOTHING to do with what they are saying. The NAA on ‘both sides’ are conjuring that together and the ‘war’ is a false front for the actions taken into the hands of the Krystal Star Guardian Host, as I stated yesterday in the “Putin Is a Pedo” post: “The Russia/Ukraine ‘war’ is about the NAA fighting for the preservation of underground child/human trafficking network tunnels which connect to several countries to underground cloning centers and adrenochrome harvesting labs. If people could stop getting distracted by the left/right/good/evil controlled narrative, they would see the actors are chosen to appear as separate characters when they are just a cast reading a script, for the purpose of creating and maintaining the grand illusion of the ‘World Conflict’ drama, in futile attempts to hide the NAA’s dirty deeds, so the world doesn’t CATCH ON to the TRUTH. It’s always been a SCRIPT… it’s always been a STAGED SHOW.”

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