A DIRE WARNING FROM LISA RENEE — “If We Walk Into the Line of Fire, We Can Get Seriously Hurt or Be Taken Out”

“Many people are unaware that humanity is in an active war on multiple fronts. There is an active spiritual war being waged against humanity by nonhuman controllers extending to off planet conflicts and the parking lot of ET crafts sitting in the Kuiper Belt. There are strange and unusual occurrences happening on these multiple dimensions of the planetary chess board. Over the last few weeks or so, something else has been escalated in what feels to be some kind of strategic actions that are connected to some level of military grade operation. As it has been mentioned several times, this is the time when we will suffer casualties in this war. These hidden events bring the high strangeness in determining what if any of these energetic impacts will be manifested on our timeline or will those conflicts be neutralized and rendered invisible. I define neutralization of impacts to be that event, or destruction that occurs, during a false flag type of operation which goes under the radar in so that the majority of the population does not see or know what is happening. People, places and things can come apart at the seams, because they have no idea what is happening, and they are believing the propaganda streams of lies and deceit. If we walk into the line of fire, we can get seriously hurt or be taken out.”

~Lisa Renee

~via The Collective Awakening Event

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