BENJAMIN FULFORD: “Adrenochrome Harvesting & Child Trafficking Satanist Betty White Was the Daughter of Aleister Crowley and Sister of Barbara Bush”

“Now Betty White — another top Satanist — has been permanently removed from this earth. Betty White is Barbara Bush’s sister. Barbara Bush and Betty White are the daughters of Aleister Crowley. Barbara handled all the politicians for the CIA. Betty handled Hollywood for the CIA. Betty is/ WAS SNOWWHITE — The QUEEN of Hollywood and the CIA’s Adrenochrome harvesting/ child trafficking network.”

“Here is a quote to remember White by: When asked what age she started driving, without skipping a beat, she said, ‘I think I was 4. No, no, no. That was something else! That’s when I lost my virginity!’ This is what Hollywood does to mitigate and obfuscate the truth in plain sight… they turn it into a public joke to mock us.”

~via Benjamin Fulford

~via Recent Moves Make Final Cabal Defeat in 2022 Probable

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