“Think about our existence as though we are inside an egg of the God energy matrix; a humongous cosmic egg, and within that egg is all of the dimensions spiraled into various Toroid shapes and forms. We would consider the God Egg, as a whole, a non-dimensionalized system, because again dimension means time, so in the God matrix there is no time and space, there’s just the still point of One source. However, within the cosmic God egg, there is a dimensionalized structure that creates multi-dimensional reality systems, or a universal time matrix system of which consciousness has chosen to experience various form; but these all feed back into the one God Source. This is as a part of the in-breath and out-breath cycles of the creation of God principle. We could say as God takes an out-breath the descending spirals of creation move outward from the center of the God source (Big Bang). As the breath moves out, the creations the furthest out are the furthest away from the clear light source of God. So we feel we become more separated from God Source, even though we are not. That was a part of the role of that experience that we have chosen to take part in on earth. And now, the ascension is the in breath. We are collecting all that was in the out breath of God that pushed outward into the periphery of the dimensional realms. Now we’re calling all of that back to be reintegrated. That’s what the ascension is, the ‘in breath’, breathing back in to the One source from which we have originated.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary

Photo by Ascension Avatar – 4-22-2019

“Cosmic Egg”

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