LISA RENEE: “Themes That May Present Themselves as a BIG EVENT between Now and March 2022 and Ongoing . . .”

• Surreal global events, such as declaring wars with other countries. The nuclear program in UK is called Trident with Poseidon craft and it connects to the red cube system. This will be mostly for show out of desperation if they pull this out, know that there will not be any type of nuclear event.

• Smaller false flag operations, black military intelligence run terrorism for distraction and cover.

• Collapsing of western financial markets and currency.

• Sudden deaths and disappearances of world figures, celebrity types, royals, such as the Queen in UK.

• People we were told were dead, are revealed to have been in witness protection and alive.

• Emergency Broadcast system being directed from military base or space program crew from satellite military systems.

• Temporary shut down of certain online services or internet access.

• Collapse and controlled demolition of controller structures, i.e. hospitals, medical system, airlines, travel industry, shipping supplies, etc.

• This may shut down supply chains in certain areas, such as in US we will not have access to certain goods or products from overseas anymore.

• EMP type of destruction or repurposing of some landmarks, such as the White House, Washington DC area. This area as a political capital is done.

• Awareness that many more people have been killed by the bio weapon injection than we are being told. They have been hiding deaths, and cataloguing who has received which vaccine lots. Genocide will be known and those involved ultimately prosecuted by tribunal. 5D benevolent groups were notified of human genocide violations recently, they are deciding what to do about that.

• Secret space program coordinated disclosure of their existence in breakaway civilization, and the technologies they have, exposing the war against nonhuman entities or demonic forces known as aliens.

• Human trafficking harvesting for blood and body parts, organ trafficking, pedophilia, and child adrenochrome farms in underground bases and bunkers and off planet supply.

• Existence of the deep underground tunnels and military bases that acted as cover for nonhuman demonic entities and aliens to prey on humans. Existence of underground cities used by the Luciferian bloodlines and nameless billionaires for hiding depraved satanic elite activities. 

• Sudden implementation of new technologies or radical changes that impact society as we know it.

• Fall of mainstream media and invasion and/or breakdown of Israel.

~via The Collective Awakening Event

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