LISA RENEE on “The False Crucifixion of Yeshua Christ”

“The Eucharist Catholic Rite with God’s Body is taken and the sacred marriage rite is made with the Baphomet figure, which is the black magic field that is used to reverse and trap the Christ/Sophia in the Earth also blocking her from fully embodying on the Earth. The Gnostic Mass of Christ was taken by the Vatican and distorted in a few important ways by making Blood Sacrifice as a blessing to the people to intentionally increase the spreading of Satanic forces on the Earth through the NAA continued manipulation of religion. Through the Eucharistic celebration Christians remember Christ’s Sacrifice of Himself on the cross. Most of us today realize that this is a Blood Sacrifice distortion. For this reason some of us may not like the Christmas religious celebrations at all as this distortion is heavily played out in the Christian churches. These religious doctrines are models that are complete on our planet and are still used to control the masses into the belief of old energy collective thought patterns of the sinner and savior. Yeshua was not crucified, and ascended out with Guardian support.”

~Lisa Renee



Christ Archetype Healing

Guardian Yeshua


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