KIM GOGUEN @ 55:55: “Trump Is The Antichrist / QAnon Is Jared Kushner / Galactic Federation Keeps Kids In Underground Cages / Trump Given ‘Cease And Desist’ Warning On 10/25/21”

In this interview, Kim covers topics such as:

  • Order of the Black Sun
  • Project Looking Glass
  • Demons/Djinns
  • Illuminati
  • AI computer system that is 1,000 years ahead of our time. It is a quantum system — it can jump planes, dimensions, and time. It is a mapping system, which means it connects to all things, organic or inorganic.
  • Chair of Destiny
  • Pindar
  • The Truth about Trump
  • Intel — Brigadier Generals issued Trump a Cease and Desist letter on 10/25/21
  • Organizations formed by the Order of the Black Sun: Skull & Bones, Freemasons
  • The origin of the Order of the Black Sun was Ukraine
  • Dragon Families
  • Q Anon and Operation Trust — What makes this dangerous?
  • Who is the person behind Q?
  • COVID-19 – Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019
  • Galactic Federation
  • Universal Council

“Trust yourself, trust God/Source/the Creator, trust your intuition, and discern information.”

~Kimberly Goguen

Ascension Avatar note: If you’re like me in intuitively perceiving peoples’ intentions and motivations and reading energetic ‘vocal shadings’… you’ll appreciate Kim Goguen for her well-grounded sincerity without setting off too many ‘offensiveness’ or ‘censorship’ alarms. In contrast, regarding the host of this first video, George Iceman, you will likely be receiving conflicting signals and probably feel just plain and simple annoyance and with his nervous reactions, agitated speaking and constant waving of hands (or occult hand signalling). If you wish to watch the entire video, go for it — you’ll probably enjoy Kim’s directness with George during a few choice moments. I respect Kim for not refusing appearances for ‘double-agent shills’ such as this guy or more familiarly, Kerry Cassidy, because she is not afraid to confront anyone and let the truth be heard and known. I recommend using the 1.25 x playback speed option. You can’t say I never warned you about Trump and QAnon… Interview becomes most intriguing at about the 55:55 mark… Enjoy.


~via Rumble

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