HENRY MAKOW: “The White House Refers to the Va666inated as ‘MARKED PEOPLE’. . .”

“On Sept 10, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki referred to the vaccinated as ‘marked people’. (Go to 1:12:35) Was she referring to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ from the Book of Revelations? What is the sinister hidden agenda behind the demand that everyone get the jab for a pandemic with a .15% death rate or lose their job and be excluded from society? Does the vaccine kill the soul? Does it contain a bar code? Is it designed to maim and depopulate? Time will reveal the truth.”

~Henry Makow, PhD.

Comments from the video thread:

“Wow she just bluntly called out the people vaccinated ‘marked’ which we who are awake already knew this was the mark of the beast.”

“Yes, the Mark Of the Beast. She knows it, too.”

“‘Marked’ does not appear in any part of her presser (press release transcription). Said this, she is hideous.”

“She actually said it, MARKED PEOPLE. No one makes a mistake like that. No one substitutes the word ‘marked’ for ‘more.’

“‘Protect marked people’???”

“‘Protect Marked people’ … this alone should tell you.”

“Thanks Henry Makow.”

~via HenryMakow.com

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