LISA RENEE on “Twin Flame Ignition”

“Twin Flames equal the restored energetic balance between the masculine and feminine energies that is the structure of light formed within the heart complex. When the heart is healed, there is a twin flame ignition in our heart and kidneys simultaneously, which shifts the heart configuration into twinning the inner flames. When these two flames are ignited to unify, there is a burst in the heart flame that sends the fire to grow the vital essence that is produced by the kidneys. Essentially, the kidneys help to build the inner Lightbody dwelling that is required to seat the monadic body. The Monad is the greater flame of spirit, while the physical body is the lesser flame of vital essence or life force. This is about igniting the Christ consciousness eternal seed atom and bring that on line. The Monadic spark starts to connect to the seed atom, which is the Christ consciousness and our crystal body. This is the seed that the controllers are attempting to crush or stop from flowering in the human population. They want to crush the permanent seed atom in the thymus, which is the 8th chakra, which is where the monad starts coming in and actually connecting in to the body.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary / Energetic Synthesis

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