LISA RENEE: “7D Gaia and Paliadorian Seeding”

The planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in the Universal Time Matrix. The timelines for the 3D Earth are called Earth or Terra, the timelines for the 5D Earth are called Tara and the timelines for the 7D Earth are called Gaia. Due to the cataclysm that occurred on Tara which exploded portions of the main planetary grid manifestation template, the 5D Taran planet was separated from its 7D Gaian counterpart in future time. Essentially, the result of the planetary grid damage trapped the soul family matrix on Tara and the monadic family matrix on Gaia, to be locked down in their respective harmonic universes unable to communicate or link with each other. This cataclysmic event generated separation between 5D and 7D timelines which further created damage between the soul and monadic layers in our angelic human consciousness body. As a result of this cataclysm, humanity was unable to fully unite and integrate the soul aspects that were trapped in the 5D timelines with the monadic aspects that were trapped in the 7D timelines.

The race lines of the Paliadorians began their rescue mission for the Tarans through the parallel systems by first working in the etheric layers of Gaia to correct morphogenetic instruction sets for DNA strands to be reassembled in order to retrieve the lost souls and help them ascend out. They began to seed themselves through the first two root races called the Polarians of Gaia, and the Hyperboreans as their counterpart upon Gaia’s antiparticle double. Through the Polarian and Hyperborean DNA instruction sets, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender were first seeded into this Universe. This method was designed to attract the polarity fractures into energetic synthesis and to then merge consciousness life streams that existed in the fractured soul and monadic body parts pulling them together on multiple dimensions simultaneously. Through the etheric layers of Gaia, these two root races began a long evolutionary journey to slowly rebuild the ascension template by first uniting soul and monadic extensions, leading to the ultimate fulfillment of the embodied Avatar Christos liquid plasma, that is made possible through the Paradisian 7th root race lines in the future. This was designed to pull together and unite all of the exploded planetary grids to merge the Earth, Tara and Gaia, as well as reassemble the damaged DNA and spiritual body parts of the angelic human race lines that were first seeded upon Tara.

Once the instruction sets were in place in the etheric layers of the Gaian planetary matrix, the Paliadorians began the process of re-seeding angelic humanity, this time on the 3D timelines of earth. Millions of years ago, six linked time portals were made from the Paliadorian consciousness instruction sets and this created the Sphere of Amenti that was connected in the earth core. This was devised in order to finally achieve the end result of planetary ascension, through assembling and repairing every dimensional level of DNA over many evolutionary timeline cycles. This allowed all timelines that existed on Earth, Tara and Gaia to be interconnected again so the Earth could evolve forward in time and finally merge with its higher dimensional counterparts in the future time cycle. This was also designed to heal the rip in time and find fractured body parts stuck in time, strewn all over the Universe from the cataclysm events. Serving multiple purposes to merge the layers together, reassemble DNA, evolve and ascend the souls that could merge with their monadic family and finally move out of time and back into the Godhead.


~via Gaian Matrix

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