LISA RENEE: “Override Pole Shift Catastrophe



And that was a part of what the reptilian threat was and a part of a timeline that we have now overridden, which was the Armageddon Software pole shift plan, which would be to clear the entire planet. That plan was coming from the change of the sun’s relationship to the earth. So they had control over this and we haven’t gotten a lot of information about it. But we’re understanding how this came to be in terms of their various agendas of trying to take over this planet, as a source of control and dominion of the energies. And whatever they want with it at the various levels, to take. So they were planning at one point, because as weird as the sounds, adjusting the trajectory of the planet’s relationship to the sun at the smallest degree, to obliterate life down here. So this was a part of this game that they were playing.

Now we are understanding that the sun and the moon have a relationship with earth, and a relationship with each other, as stellar body relationships that represent masculine and feminine principle. So when these distortions happen, meaning structures were used artificially to siphon and move energy fields in non-organic, inorganic directions. When this was achieved at certain levels, the harnessing of forces of energy beyond the earth meaning somehow solar energy harness lunar energy harness, and the effect of those fields upon planet earth. The sun is about the solar wind that actually brings protons into the Magnetosphere, which we understand is the logos of planet Earth.

So it’s like saying they were controlling the solar winds and that was about the magnetic field change. Because if the magnetic field was operating at a certain circumference and a certain radius and a certain aspect ratio, whatever that is, is allowing it to be brought through the core of the planet. Because what I’m seeing is a radius from the inner iron core going out into the magnetosphere, these were levels of the magnetic field that were being monitored or controlled within a certain parameter. And this was how they changed or were able to hijack the Planetary Logos.

When we understand the seventh dimension of the ultraviolet plane is the Magnetosphere, and beyond the stratosphere of our planet is the magnetosphere. And the magnetosphere is responsible for the collection of solar wind, which then generates proton to electron ratios. Meaning if there’s lots of solar wind generated I guess from certain activity of the sun itself, it’s captured within the magnetosphere and the ratio of proton electron is actually changed. And we know that the ratio of proton and electron is what creates a neutron. So it’s like saying something there was being capped off at a level where the magnetic field was being used as a basis of holding architecture like the NRG grid in place.

Because what we’re understanding is these grids are only in place artificially by what they have superimposed on it. The first level is understanding that they created this AI architecture. What we didn’t understand is how did they implant it? How did they come to our planet and actually implant this false level of architecture? Because again this is like saying our planet is a computer and had a computer program that was organic to creation. The natural creation had a Blueprint. How were they able to come in and hijack the blueprint? Now we are learning a little bit more about this. Because the AI architecture they had to create to override the planetary software, they had to find a way to stick it in there. How would something inorganic merge into something that was alive? And apparently the way this was done was the manipulation or the use of solar fields and lunar fields.

We are understanding today for the first time that solar fields and lunar fields have been used as the basis, to anchor into the planet’s body inorganic artificial structures. Because these mind control structures are more than just thought forms that are being propagated, in terms of using a scalar wave with a thought form is being projected. These are intricate circulatory systems that have been placed on top of the planet to usurp the planet or override the planet, into a siphoning of energy and a redirection of the organic life force of the planet for their use in different ways. How did they do this? How do they get an architecture to do this through the sun and the moon? Okay so through the sun and the moon, in the manipulation of these fields at a higher level, what we understand is this is also impacting male and female. Because the Sun is representing a solar force of the male and the lunar is representing the female force. So the electron proton electromagnetic forces were being controlled through the sun and the moon. What we’re understanding today is that there were pieces of that information that were a part of your lifetime’s mission, to bring into completion and wholeness through the micro-macro relationship. [1] Transcript by Paige.



  1. LR Client Sessions – June 2011

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“Pole Shift Ballerina Overriding Catastrophe”

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