SAY ‘AYE!’ TO THIS FREE IQ TEST… AND ‘NAY!’ Q… VERY MUCH ~ Tye A Hampton: “Look Beyond The Q Psyop — At Reality”

“I could go on, at length pointing out why Q is crap, and Trump is cabal, but, this is just a short, ‘reality check’, folks. The light of truth, will set you free, open your mind and look beyond the Q psyop, at reality… Don’t believe fantasy, I’m telling you this is not reality, and you’re needed in the true resistance ‘against both Republican and Democrat’ swamp rats in the US Congress, Supreme Court, and yes, against Mr. Trump whom has flooded the White House and the rest of government with, ‘businesspeople’ ie: cabal operatives, running this country. The cabal is obviously still firmly in control of the world, running every nation, most all, of the media, and most large trans national (if not most all US) corporations on earth. Otherwise these changes would be obvious. It’s time for ‘real’ change, and any belief in the two party cabal controlled system, will not bring that, about. If, you vote, Vote against both parties.”

~Tye A Hampton



















~via Prepare For Change

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