DERRICK BROZE: “Trump Promotes Masks, Says Military Will Distribute COVID Vaccine”

Derrick Broze checks in for an update on the Trump administration’s plans for a COVID-19 vaccine and what it means for you.


Comments from the thread:


“Everything this community vehemently opposes, Trump endorses… a no brainer”



“‘America First’ for 600 million doses of the debilitating shot. ‘America First’ to fall. THIS is what Trump means by ‘America First.'”



“I think this means if you do not vaccinate, the military will take you. Wow, how will the Q people justify this…”



“Many Trump supporters will take the vaccines because you know, ‘MAGA!'”



“A couple of people had posted what these ‘Q’ and Trump chants might really mean:


World Wide Government 1 World Globalist Agenda


M – Microsoft

A – Amazon

G – Google

A – Apple

Also the EVIL BLM:

B – Baal

L – Lucifer

M – Moloch”



“Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well'”



“Where does G. Maxwell fit into HIS DECISION TO DESTROY HUMANITY ???”




~via The Conscious Resistance

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