PAUL ROMANO: “Wow, Bill Gates Doesn’t Want To Microchip You — He Wants To Tattoo You Instead”


Comments from the thread:


“Not my Family!”



“Tattoo them, chip them, brand them, no matter what it is it still means we’re cattle to them.”



“Look up these 2 words together: Bill Gates and Luciferase. Almost sounds like Lucifer race”



“The ink contains Luciferase and Luciferine. Only God’s enemies would name what a firefly produces after the devil.”



“Has anyone read into HR-6666?”



“Wanna Tattoo me Bill, come get me, by yourself. You pin me down you can tattoo me.”



“Sorry it’s against my religion to get tattoos. My granny said we are not supposed to mark our bodies.”



“I have tattoos. The Bible says my body is a temple. I’m decorating my temple” 😁



“Gill Bates needs to be kneeled on…”




~via PocketsOfTheFuture

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