RYAN CRISTIAN: “Final Technocratic ‘Lock Step’ Plan Is Here As Martial Law Rolls Out Across The Nation”


Comments from the thread:



“I never thought I’d say this, but watch out for Trump supporters. Not the people who voted for him and are disgusted over his betrayal, but the ones who will cover for him all the way to the slaughterhouse and take you down with them. Those kind of people are as we speak cheering on the police state because their favorite celebrity is behind it.”



“They’re very brainwashed and they’re prideful, a very bad mix, unable to humbly say, “I was wrong.”



“I was one of those ‘Trump supporters’. He was the first president I ever voted for, but I woke up more than 2 years ago. As far as I’m concerned, the ones still trusting the plan STILL today are completely lost and immune to any truth staring them at the face. They are becoming the patsies of the State.”



“Yes the Qtards are a full on cult. I occasionally force myself to sit through a Q video, just to see where they’re at and if any of them are waking up…. I just watched one yesterday, and MY GOD. They are so stuck in the two party paradigm that they’re completely blinded from seeing the big picture. I keep seeing them on Twitter cheering on the military coming in to our towns… Some were ASKING FOR MARTIAL LAW. We are so fucked yall”



“They’re not Trump supporters. They’re Trump cultists. There’s a big difference between someone who voted for Trump and someone who worships him.”



“The type of people who will say “Trust the PLQN” as they’re slowly being executed.”



“He’s not for Anything America and is just another Zio owned bank tool.”