ERIC RAINES: “Now I Know” (Part 4)

It’s all so simple, so true, so right.

Without taking a swing, you have already won the fight.

The helplessness, the rage, all just a leash on your neck.

By refusing to feel this, you put the beast in check.

By preferring to be happy, you unleash the GOD you can be.

I’m not just preaching… this blueprint has been used by me.

Look at my words, the meaning, the rhyme…


You can feel pure passion, transcending space and time.

I am here for humanity, to show you the mists I walk through.

I’m here to take you all with me. Yes, I am talking directly to YOU!

Refuse to be a victim, a patsy, a mark

Stand strong, stand tall….be a light in the dark!

A little bit of defiance, so easy to engage.

Refuse to fall to despair, feel love, feel joy…not the impotence of rage.

Sometimes the only power you have is your ability not to react.

So stay grounded, follow your passions, and the rest will fall in line. THAT IS A FACT!


Keep your chin up humanity, the power has always been yours.

It was never taken, you were just lied to.

Stand up, stand strong, and don’t ever let anything tell you that you cannot be happy, especially yourself.

You create the joy — nothing has to put it in you…


– Eric

This was a composition I wrote back in early 2014… I’d love to hear your thoughts on it 😀


~via Unleashing Natural Humanity

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