ASCENSION AVATAR: “Calling In the New Earth Elemental Command…”

Saturday was another day of chemtrail blasts in the area I live… so what is the first thing I do when this happens? Call in the New Earth Elemental Command… the real-deal ‘Chemtrail Busters’! Sure enough, these chemtrail-gobbling sylphs appeared within minutes to answer my prayer and began chompin’ away… let’s just say it was an awe-inspiring experience and it didn’t take long to realize my eyes were filling with happy tears…💧 I did notice how strangely the sun was photographing and have never seen it appear so ‘fibrous’ before. I’m not sure what the reason for this is, but perhaps it’s the NET frequency fences Lisa Renee talks about or maybe it’s the New Earth ‘Diamond Sun’ or even the “Eye of God” (okay, that was a stretch)… or perhaps it’s lovely 5G at work? Anyhow, enjoy the photos and remember…

“Working with the Wind Sylphs, call in the New Earth Elemental Command and the Aurora Races to clear and move out any chemical toxins from Chemtrails in the sky and from the wind Sylphs down here at this level.”

~Lisa Renee



Photos by Ascension Avatar

(“Calling In the New Earth Elemental Command…” – 6-22-2019)


2 thoughts on “ASCENSION AVATAR: “Calling In the New Earth Elemental Command…”

  1. Beautiful Sylphs and captures. Working with the New Earth Elementals is a blessing. I’ve been noticing the beautiful skies and elementals lately here in the heart of Portland. Your post just inspired me to start saving for an RV to see the beautiful country sides of the PNW and maybe further! Blessings.

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  2. These were taken in Oregon too… I’ve lived here for almost 4 years and absolutely love it. I still call on the New Elemental Earth Command and they do a prompt and effective clean-up any time I see chemtrails… it IS a blessing! Thanks for sending yours and blessings to you too. ‘Happy Trails’ when you get that RV!


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