THE EARTH PLAN: Schumann Resonance: “SR Reading and Some Observations”

When I first started checking in on the SR readings in 2016, I only posted the charts every once in a while when it got a bit high. Nowadays, I try holding back on posting too often because there are high readings on a daily basis!

If we look at recent charts, they generally look like this one above. Three years ago, such a chart would impel me to point out the off-the-charts streaks and sustained bursts. Today….hardly anything 😄

I don’t know what’s unfolding in the past three days, but phew….while the energies aren’t the knock-me-over type, there’s definitely some sort of process going on. It’s getting very hard to tune into the current energies because I feel like there are several different “types” running simultaneously, each one with its own “instruction set”.

And oh, the high-pitched tones are especially loud today…..


~via The Earth Plan


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