SPIRITUAL UNITE: “Are You a Pink Aura Person? This Is What It Means”

Pink Aura Meditation (6)

What is a pink aura and what does it mean to have this aura as your dominant colour?  Aura colours surround a person and often reflects their personality, emotions and their future destiny.

So what does it mean when you have a pink aura?

Most often this aura is displayed as a secondary colour, so if you have a pink aura, then it signifies that you have a balanced heart centre.  You are someone who expresses unconditional love, you are compassionate, and you listen very well.

When you have this aura displayed as a life colour, then you are showing your loving purpose, and it is coming true.  However, when you have this aura shown as a secondary colour, this means you are going through an energy transition and integration that will help your purpose.

If you have pink as your primary aura colour which is the rarest; then you have mastered unconditional love.  Which is the truest form of love which connects everyone together.

This aura is also reflected when you are in a relationship with your twin flame; this aura shines directly from a balanced heart chakra.

What about pink aura people and their characteristics?

Pink Aura people are kind, compassionate, selfless and loving souls.  They also like being loved; they like to hang around friends and family at every opportunity.  They are the ones who are always hosting family events and always very generous with their time.  They are very healthy people and will look after their bodies with proper nutrition and exercise.

Pink Aura people tend to be romantic when they have found the one and will stay faithful, loyal and loving for the rest of their lives.

Pink Aura people are natural healers, and they are sensitive and selfless, they are also psychically very powerful.  They are creative and have a lot of imagination.  Because of that creativity, a pink aura person will make a great writer of novels, poetry or even song lyrics.

The pink aura person does not like poverty, conflicts or injustice.  They are always striving to make the world a better place, so they make personal sacrifices to make this happen.

The pink aura individual expects high standards from people because they are strong willed and highly disciplined themselves.  They have high morals and values, and they never deviate from it.  Because of their honest nature, they are valued as an employee and also make a great employer because of their fairness.



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  1. So beautiful. Thank you.. I’d love to know if I have a pink aura because so much of this description fits. Can I just assume I have a pink aura? 🌺🌺🦋

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