L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Light Codes ~ Bypassing the Conscious Mind”


Happy NEW Earth Year 2017.  This is the Year for the experience of your CONCRETE Magical Resonance with your Higher Self.  These are Light Codes and they bypass your thinking mind.  Receive these codes of Light that exist beyond time and space.  They shift your Subconscious mind into greater HARMONY with your Original LIGHT.  They impact your SUBCONSCIOUS mind, informing your Blueprint to SHIFT in frequency.  The deep communication of LIGHT.  Relax, gaze lightly as you pass your glance at the Light Codes.


Feel and breathe.

Relax and receive.

The Lighter coloured codes are silver, you will still receive the frequency.

Magical New Year ACTIVATIONS and Miracles ~ In the GLORY, LOVE and Light of ALL that is!




To Receive The New Divine Humanity “The Divine Council of Overseers” Activation:


To Follow me on Facebook and receive The Hourly Activation “Divine Ascended Being Activation”



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