L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “The Worlds of Consciousness, Form, Dimensions and Dreams”


“Once in UNION always in Union. Once WHOLE always whole. ONCE a Divine Being ALWAYS. YOU are all THAT, the one dreaming, the one reading this, the ONE in other worlds watching you reading this. ALL at once.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


You are in a body, then it seems you are no longer in a body on Planet Earth, to others, that is. What takes place? What is this crossing over, so to speak.

To those that do not experience memories or  have conscious access to these other worlds and states of consciousness, beyond the life on Planet Earth. It  may seem as though the other side is mystical, separate from this world here. Yet it is not.

The world of appearances exists in 3D consciousness.

The “transcendence” of the five senses (beyond the physical) gives us access to all the dimensions, everywhere.

Although this may seem unimaginable to those attempting to have access. To those that do and walk in all worlds, timelines and dimensions. It is just as normal as here. Even more vivid and real than here.

The greater realness is the awareness of the freedom from lack or limitation, at these states of wholeness. Whether we call it 5th dimension, or higher.

Union and the access to all dimensions all at once, is not a label and a number of a dimension.

It is everything everywhere.

And that is the natural state of consciousness, you are returning TO.

The Original Light you.

Where all was CREATED all at once.

The levels of consciousness, is the level of access to these other worlds and timelines, NOW.

I have walked many over as they have crossed over. The freedom from attachment that most experience when they cross over, depending on the state of consciousness, is just as REAL, if not more real than here on Earth.

It is like dreaming awake.

I have met many in other worlds of consciousness that do not know where they are. In one case, a woman, was going through her television channels and did not know why she could no longer get certain channels. She was easing into the new reality and just noticing little changes.

Others I have been with when they crossed over, met immediately with Angels, and prepare themselves for a life review. They begin a higher learning program, which enables them to grow and expand, while experiencing, shifts and changes, within their consciousness.

Like walking into the form. those that are consciously aware of all levels, walk in all worlds simultaneously. There are no limits what may be experienced.

A House a garden. A School, meeting with other loved ones, those who were on Earth and those who were not.

LIKE the dream world, when you cross over, you are in the state of consciousness that ALWAYS DREAMS YOU.

Someone mentioned to me the other day, I enjoy here with the senses, feeling, touching, smelling.

JUST LIKE Dreams, the other side and other dimensions HAVE all that and more vividly, as it is in the present moment. Not distracted by the attachments in the form of 3D.

You taste, you smell, you feel in dreams, don’t you? Yet those excursions are not in the physical form, you know. Yet they feel VERY real.

IT is very vivid and very real when you cross over and when you visit parallel worlds, and different timelines and dimensions.

I used to say to my students, relax deeply, then open your eyes. That is crossing over. You do not escape the you as you know yourself to be.

YOU enter yourself more FULLY.

After all, like dreams, IT IS YOUR Consciousness that is the dreamer.

It is VERY Real.

After walking into the form I did not understand how most people in a form did not remember before arriving here on Earth.

I was clearly sent. And had the vivid memories of this. I was also aware that there was no difference between night-time sleep and day time consciousness.

When you live in all worlds and have free access to all timeliness CONSCIOUSLY you are just as conscious while you sleep as when you are awake.

You recognize that consciousness never sleeps. And you are that consciousness that is in a constant dream like state.

The so-called past and the so-called future exists all now.

At the moment when you began as a unique individuation of consciousness, all was created. There is a constant stream of Light existing in all dimensions all at once, of your consciousness.

You have access at the beginning and always, to the you as this Light. AT that level of consciousness.

Entering the MORE of You the expanded YOU, is becoming aware of EVERYTHING at the Highest Levels.

I have had people contact me that say, Oh so and so is at that dimension, 8th.

That is a limitation and a belief in 3D.

At those levels of total UNION you are all of them, you are not a number. BUT ALL. Everywhere and you know this.

Once in UNION always in Union.

Once WHOLE always whole.

ONCE a Divine Being ALWAYS.

YOU are all THAT, the one dreaming, the one reading this, the ONE in other worlds watching you reading this. ALL at once.

Open and receive. THE MORE of you.

It does not exist in the world of appearances.

It exists within you.

When you are ready you will receive.

The return to the Original YOU. The one that began, the One that is.

The Dreamer and the DREAM, all at Once. And so it is! ALL NOW as it has always been.



Eternal Heavenly Bliss!


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