L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Rebirth in Divine Consciousness ~ The Light that You Are”

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“Deep within your cells.  Deep within your heart.  The mirror of this at the cellular level, is taking place.  The universe within you.  Your form as Original Light. Deep through the Void, your initiation.  As you now enter deeply this womb.  Rebirth.  Birth.  Held as God Light.  Held in the womb of the Illumination.  Breathe and feel this transmission.  Held as the Illumination of God.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


Becoming, passing through from the old to the New. A death and rebirth. In the stillness, between breaths. The eternal moment, beyond breath. Beyond awareness. Beyond time. Deep in the Void.

Held in the Void of the Mother. Christos consciousness and Pistis Sophia, merged together As the ILLUMINATED consciousness. That you ARE.

Held in the womb. Held in the Void.

This eternal Holding place, the Void, is where all Creation Arises.

All Light. Formless. No birth. No death. You are.

Experiencing form, arising from the Void.

You as a Soul began.

Emanating from the void as your Soul Star Creation Matrix.

Through what may appear as separate filtering down existences, into various frequency dimensions, you experienced form, life.

Although they have felt like separate experiences. They were all created at once. Through the emanating and arising from the Void, into you, as your Soul. You are now expanding into this awareness. As your return now to your original innocence. Your Pure Soul, your God Self.

Your rebirth in consciousness, through the womb, held in the Void, may appear to be a backward process.

Entering the Great Void once again.

The Portal and threshold of ALL CONSCIOUSNESS.

As you return to your Original Light. As you travel now in consciousness through the Void, experiencing your rebirth, as your conscious awareness as this original light. In form. As embodiment. Your individuated God Self frequency. The God Self You. Your Soul. Feel this, in your Heart. Transmitting to you now, the eternal frequency of this. As you consciously experience your transformation. Therefore your very form. Deep within your cells. Deep within your heart. The mirror of this at the cellular level, is taking place. The universe within you. Your form as Original Light. Deep through the Void, your initiation.

As you now enter deeply this womb.

Rebirth. Birth. Held as God Light.

Held in the womb of the Illumination.

Breathe and feel this transmission.

Held as the Illumination of God.

Your Sojourn in consciousness as the rebirthed Ones. The Angelic Beings of Light. Shining the Light of Illumination. As your Original Soul Star Matrix birth. All Now. I hold you in this. Deep Void of Transformation. The Womb. The Love. The Heart. The Soul. The Beginning. The no beginning. All Light. Illumination. Heaven. Heaven on Earth. Feel this. Feel your body, your vehicle of Light. Breathe this in. Feel Heaven within, now. I love you. Children of Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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