L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Your Light Body and your Ascension ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”


“This fully activated you is your Divine Higher Self,  God Self,  Angelic Self,  whatever you want to name this Eternal aspect of you that is Divine. FEEL more than anything this profound activation FOR YOUR ASCENSION.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


You as Light ~ You as your Original LIGHT ~ You as your Sacred Divine Light.

That is what you ARE and that is what ANIMATES your Physical Form.

YOUR Ascension and Transformation into the fully concrete actualization of this LIGHT Body YOU as the ONE that you are BEING here on Earth, is what this activation is about.

Since this is not NEW, this is YOU.  This is an activation for the Frequency Actualization of the consciousness of YOU from another Dimension into this ONE ~ into your Form.

Into the cellular consciousness, the DNA vibratory frequency of YOU that lives as your crystalline signalling transmission, to the ALL of you Everywhere.

And so it is! This fully activated you is your Divine Higher Self, God Self, Angelic Self, whatever you want to name this Eternal aspect of you that is Divine. FEEL more than anything this profound activation FOR YOUR ASCENSION.


GUIDED by the LIGHT of my LIGHT BODY in its original FORM that animates my form here on Earth, I OPEN and Receive abundant materialization of the TRUTH of my Divine Self that I AM ALREADY.

This Truth I NOW live as fully and completely, as my ORIGINAL Light Body, animating my form, transforming all of my cellular consciousness, in all timelines, everywhere NOW.

I AM this LIGHT. I EMBODY this LIGHT. I Breathe this LIGHT. I Animate this Light that is eternally MY GOD SELF Now!

Fully Activated, fully PERFECT as the ONE I am Being NOW here on Earth as my Divine Ascended Self. That I AM NOW.

I Embrace this fully activated LIGHT BODY as the Sacred Divine Eternal Being of Light that I AM and that I have always been, throughout time and throughout all parallel worlds and dimensions, NOW.

I Open and receive, ALL NOW.

I AM this ORIGINAL Light of my God Self, here on EARTH ~ Fully Ascended NOW.

I AM and Receive this Activation of my Light Body fully CONSCIOUS as the ONE who is Ascended.  As in Heaven, so on Earth, NOW.


HOLDING you in your Divine Ascension, Hourly every 11 ~ 33 minutes AFTER EVERY hour. And so it is! I love you!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2016.

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