L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Loving your Inner Angel ~ Loving as your Higher Self”

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“This is not a dress rehearsal, so to speak.  You have had many of those.  Those of you in the first Wave of Ascension, this is it!  Wake up!  Pay Attention.  Look deep WITHIN.  Instead of clues out there, look inside.  It is all there.  Every experience.  Every thought, emotion, pain, sadness, love and Joy!  It is all within you.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


So you are Awake, you are Aware.

Just how awake and aware are YOU?

Have you noticed things that previously you were not aware of?

Are you seeing the GROWTH and Expansion of your Consciousness?

Are you aware enough, OBSERVING enough to notice? I mean really notice, what is going on with you? Deep in side YOU?

What is going on deep inside you? Do you know?

How does it feel DEEP inside you? DO you know?

Have you sought out the deepest darkest spaces within you, where you inner child is WAITING for the Love from you. The recognition, ALL parts of your consciousness deserve from YOU.

That is not someones else’s job title, no lover, no friend, no companion can do this for you, as everyone is your MIRROR. Meaning the love you have for yourself is the love you experience from someone else.

As it is YOUR consciousness that is in the PROCESS of Transformation.

It is your consciousness that is expanding, is it not?

Is it?

Are you expanding in the awareness you carry with you as your consciousness as you go about your day? Those daily tasks? Are they feeling like sacred ritual to you? Or simply chores and work.

Everything I mean everything, becomes sacred when you experience it through your OWN Sacred Divinity.

This is not a dress rehearsal, so to speak. You have had many of those. Those of you in the first Wave of Ascension, this is it! Wake up! Pay Attention. Look deep WITHIN.

Instead of clues out there, look inside. It is all there.

Every experience.

Every thought, emotion, pain, sadness, love and Joy! It is all within you.

Your Blueprint is a series of Activations and a deactivation also takes place when you complete things that you came here to experience and learn. Once you have learned whatever it is, you no longer experience it. Have you noticed that?

Still struggling with certain issues? LOOK inside, listen to that voice that is deep inside you. Give HONOUR and Respect and LOVE that voice, within.  It is worthy of the greatest love.

Shoving that off to the back burner so to speak, well, IT HAS to be Loved sometime by YOU!

Take precious time, to set aside the time, to Love yourself. To love and honour the child within that needs your love. There is no bypassing this LOVE stage, at is only through this love, that you ENTER a NEW LIFE.

The Life, the timeline, where you no longer need to experience painful learning experiences because you GOT IT. You Loved the pain within.

You held sacred your inner frightened child, LIKE as if, it was the ANGEL you were waiting for, but came wrapped UP  in what seemed like scary darkness. YET it really WAS and IS the ANGEL, waiting to be set free, WITHIN YOU.

That is right. WITHIN you. You have it all inside you.

This is HOW you become the CONSCIOUS Benevolent, Higher Self YOU. You love as your Higher SELF Loves! You start with YOU. You enter Gods Light, with YOU. You Enter FULLY this Love.

It is not out there. It is already within you. The New Timeline is already within you also.

It is a frequency, it is an activation.

GRACE will take you there. To the space and place within, that you recognize your Divinity. So much so, you are completely healed, loved, recognized, held as SACRED by…….YOU. That is it. It is you. It is love, it is joy.

You are Sacred and DIVINE.

The Sacred Treasure of your Glory and Light.

To experience this LOVE ~ the true love, open to receive.

TRULY receive.

That means, to receive more, you need to open up more.

The more you open up the more you expand in your consciousness.

This may feel scary, as it moves your consciousness into what feels like new territory.

YET, it is a state of consciousness, that you desire to feel and receive.

This is why Grace is so Benevolent. IT knows, that you are afraid at times. It knows, and holds your hand, and Loves you. YOU also too, your inner child, do this for your inner child, will YOU? Will you lovingly do this, so that you open to a new level of consciousness?

Let us do some Activations now. As the Power is in the Love and the Grace.

YOUR use of your will, is to open up and receive. OPEN, relax, breathe and feel.

Feel the LOVE, feel the release. FEEL the celebration, feel the BLISS.

I love you and activate the Love within you, can you feel this?



I enter an expanded state of consciousness that opens the DOORS of my INNER Temple, to the LOVE I have always longed for, and wanted to receive. I feel myself and my heart opening now and I RECEIVE.

I understand, that this Love is Gods Love, Eternal Love, and it has nothing to do with earning it, or being worthy. Grace is Grace, and Grace Loves to be Grace, because it is….

I Allow myself to tenderly love the pain inside me, as if my inner child was waiting for my LOVE all along.

This is my part in this, to consciously Love myself.

I am The Loving God (Higher Self, God Self) to my sacred ANGEL within ME.

This Gives me sacred permission, to love more, open more, receive more. To live, a Life in Sacred Union. My inner Child, my God Self, my Higher self, my Original Light. My Sacred Divinity.

My will is the will of my Higher Self now.

I have Entered the Heart of God ~ The Heart of my Higher Self and I have become it, consciously, NOW. I am Activated NOW as the Heart of God, My Higher Self, my Divinity NOW on all levels of my Being.

It feels LIKE Heavenly Freedom within me, as I receive Grace, Love and Open more and more. And Love myself more and more.

My Divine Angelic Self, is now shining its Glorious Light, within me, Now.

It is now, and I receive NOW, this truth, this Activation, this Sacred Divine  LOVE and HOLY Divine Grace. And so it is! Always and Forever.

IN Eternal Love, Joy, Bliss and Glory, in the Very Heart of God, all NOW.



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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