SPIRITUAL UNITE: “Balancing And Healing The Heart Chakra”



Called the Heart or the 4th chakra and in eastern spirituality known as the Anahata is the energy center where love, empathy, happiness and our compassionate feelings come from.

The heart chakra is essential in your spirituality, tranquility and growth and is the chakra with the yang positive energy, linking with your higher and lower chakras. When it’s fully open, our heart chakra known to Buddhists as Mahakaruna, a route for worldwide compassion, or our Authentic Self.

Whenever the heart chakra is fully aligned you will understand and feel amazing compassion for every being and recognize their astonishing wisdom. You are going to be kind, sociable, understanding, joyous and carefree, feeling totally at ease with who you are and everyone in your life. You begin to accept everyone for who they really are and will never judge others or be very critical with the actions they commit to.

Healing heart chakra when it’s overactive

You will always be ruled by the emotions, whenever the heart chakra is over active; depression, anger, happiness, despair, grief and greediness may come over you without any restraint. You may become over critical, manipulative and very judgmental of others and yourself. Your love will be conditional (“I’ll just love you when you’re this or that”).

Healing heart chakra when it’s under active

When the heart chakra is under active you might find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook, and will most likely be quite negative in your beliefs in life. You might feel very unloved, even unworthy and not appreciated, and this can manifest in the universe around you, just supporting these; about yourself.

Healing heart chakra or Anahata

There are lots of ways we can start to heal the heart Chakra, below you’ll see several techniques that are useful, as well as a video which has color, sound and affirmations that are positive.

Affirmation for healing heart chakra:

Love is my answer to everything. I am the infinite being of the universe full of love, and I freely give and openly accept from everyone.

Our heart chakra is related to the color green. Try imagining green colors at the center of your upper body; this may start to balance it. Also, lighting candles that are green and having images of the color green seen in nature encompassing you, might help heal the anahata chakra, allowing balance.

Healing heart chakra in nature:

The element of the anahata chakra is air; feeling the fresh breeze on your skin allows your heart chakra to feel it, and you may do this while you’re in nature. You may notice the color green is all around us in grass and the trees, so going out for walks, or just laying around in the grass, may allow your heart to feel it, and allow it to balance.





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