L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “9 -9 -9 ~ Symbols of Consciousness ~ Initiation of Completion”



“On this 9 9 9 day, look WITHIN You.  Specifically, what memories are surfacing to be Loved, cleared and held to the Light of YOUR everyday conscious mind, through your subconscious.  The journey of completion brings all that is subconscious to the CONSCIOUS.  Merging the NIGHT and DAY as ONE.  Because they are.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


What number are YOU? When you add your birth month, birth day and birth year what is the total, which is then brought down to the lowest number. Are you a 9?

All numbers, all objects. are symbols of consciousness.

Nine is an aspect of consciousness that is the symbol of completion.

Every symbol IMPACTS each person uniquely.

A Symbol is in direct communication with your subconscious, relating specifically, to where you are at, in your consciousness.

Each symbol is a trigger of memory, here on Earth used  to CLEAR negative memories. Negative experiences are learning experiences, to help clear memories, held in the subconscious, till one graduates so to speak, becomes INITIATED into, the higher aspects of the Divine Self.

Each stage of learning and initiation, through symbols, impacts consciousness, bringing to light, what is next to be cleared. So it is with dreams at night and dreams during the day. There is no difference.

All objects, all numbers, nature, your body, communicate through this symbolic language, activating “what is next” at the subconscious level.

There are no mistakes, there is a master program, called your BLUEPRINT and there are overseers of the entire COSMIC Blueprint, activating ALL that is to be cleared, initiated into, and completed.

When one experiences a completion stage and the initiations are completed, this symbolically may represent the number 9.

IF one is in a series of negative experiences (the dark night of the SOUL) in the process of clearing negative memories from past lives, the 9 may NOT feel like a completion. It may be representative, subconsciously of MORE to be cleared, to be completed.

This CLEARING of memory may feel like an Arduous program of experiencing the negative memories as they surface to be cleared.

GRACE is constantly available through the cosmic BLUEPRINT and gifts many on Earth, who have struggled with painful experiences, with a new beginning.

This program of GRACE is real. Gives second Chances. Opens portals to NEW experiences, new beginnings. Which is often represented through the symbolic language of ONE.

On this 9 9 9 day, look WITHIN You.

Specifically, what memories are surfacing to be Loved, cleared and held to the Light of YOUR everyday conscious mind, through your subconscious.

The journey of completion brings all that is subconscious to the CONSCIOUS.

Merging the NIGHT and DAY as ONE. Because they are. There is NO difference in the language of symbolic consciousness while sleeping and while awake. THE MERGING is the AWAKENING fully to the DIVINE You.

The inner clearing of memories held in your Blueprint open you to your initiation. The merging of your subconscious and conscious. Your Human self with Your Divine Self.

Opening now to the Portal of Completion.

Entering into the Initiations of MEMORY.

Relax, breathe and RECEIVE GRACE. 


I now open fully to the Grace that clears all of my negative memories held in my subconscious mind. 

I now merge my subconscious with my conscious awareness, my Night time dreams with my day time experiences of consciousness. 

I now marry spirit and matter, within my consciousness and receive the initiations that allow me to experience a new level of consciousness.  

I merge with my Divine Self, Now. I celebrate my completion and my new beginning NOW. 


And so it is!  ETERNAL GRACE ~ Beloved Souls! Here and NOW ~ 9 9 9 ~ I love you!



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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