SPIRITUAL UNITE: “Benefits of Lucid Dreaming — 5 Tips You Can Use Now”


There are many benefits of lucid dreaming, I don’t know where to begin. The main benefits of lucid dreaming is that you can nurture stress relief while you are dreaming.

For me that’s the main benefits of lucid dreaming, however there are many other benefits lucid dreaming which can aid you in your life. I have listed all the lucid dream experiences I have encountered.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming (Lucid Dreaming Side Effects)

Stress Relief –One of the benefits of lucid dreaming, as mentioned above is to relief stress. If you are feeling very stressful in your life, it can be very helpful to key into a lucid dream, and take a vacation anywhere you like for free. You can use sex in your lucid dreams to relief stress, or you can act out your fantasy where you are beating the bad guys. All these represent eliminating all stress factors you have in the moment.

Solve Problems –Numerous mathematicians and scientists observed this to be best benefits of lucid dreaming. You can think about your problems you are facing in your dream. Since your brain is working in a different way in a dream, new connections can be made which were not possible before, so you may come up with new ways to solve problems. You can also use lucid dreams to try out life problems and see how they play out in your dream.

Boost in Creativity –Most people are super creative when they lucid dream. According to history some inventors and painters used lucid dreams to find ideas which they have used in real life. There are musicians who can compose real music in their dreams. Even if you are not a creative person, your brain can make new connections when you are dreaming, this is free creativity on the subconscious level, you can take this creativity into your real life.

Practice Your Skills –According to experts, in a lucid dream you can practice skills physically and improve them. Many professionals like, pilots, surgeons and martial arts practitioners have been known to practice their skills with lucid dreams. This is one of the amazing benefits of lucid dreaming, you can use it to make solid connections in your brain and these actions can become natural.

Facing Your Fears –Many people use lucid dreams to face their fears. You can use your lucid dreams to face your worst fear, you would do this  slowly, you know you can wake up. Slowly you can conquer your worst fears with lucid dreaming. I have overcome many fears, I never enjoyed doing them but the benefits were immense.

There are many more benefits of lucid dreaming, they are the ones I have used and hear from other people. I believe the best way to experience these benefits is that you should start doing them.






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