LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Gender Confusion”


“If we do not know about the true androgynous nature of our spiritual consciousness, and that we exist as both genders no matter what body we have incarnated into, our fears block us from having that potential healing experience. If we remain open to receive anything that is in alignment to our highest expression with God Source, we are allowing unimaginable ways that our spirit may manifest blessings into our reality.”   ~Lisa Renee


From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension encompasses the higher knowledge that unites science with spiritual consciousness, providing a holographic and multidimensional model of reality. The process of Ascension inherently describes the quantum mechanics of how our consciousness that makes up spirit and matter, travel together throughout time and space, simultaneously, evolving and transforming the individual and group consciousness of a species. At certain levels of accessing higher frequencies that are transmitted in conjunction within a specific location that exists in the spiral of time, during these stellar transmissions, certain species have access to higher blueprints that create new energy templates for catalyzing new potentials, new creations, for that species.  Our planet has reached that axis in time where the gender principle of creation, as it manifests into this world is being tested for its energetic integrity, for soundness and stability, on every level that it exists. As we begin a new time cycle, there are new Krystal Star hosted energy blueprints being transmitted as an significant change to help further the evolution of the human species. To stimulate consciousness growth patterns, these transmissions start to redefine the gender centers as they have functioned inside of our lightbody. Human beings are intrinsically both genders, we are an androgynous species that exists with a male energetic principle and a female energetic principle, both of these pairs of energetic opposite are that which co-exist and function inside of us. If we ignore or reject one part of ourselves, if we hold unresolved emotional conflicts about one gender or the other, we can digress our consciousness into experiencing levels of suffering that lead to spiritual disconnection, pain and disease. When we are confused about our real identity, and we are split between the male and female energies that exist inside of us, we experience pain, confusion and disconnection. The most common confusion that exists on the earth today is gender confusion, that is propagated by gender role mind control programming that informs humans to accept belief systems that define how our gender parts function. The mind control that humans have endured to reject either the inner male or inner female, is the causality behind the emotionally painful seeds that have directly impacted all of our relationships and sexuality, as this is the area for growth that holds the most potent seeds for our spiritual healing and expanding consciousness.  To expand our consciousness, we must learn how to become in balance with our own inner gender energies, recognizing that we are both male and female simultaneously, and seeing these aspects when they come into play within our personal identity. When we study ourselves on the spiritual path, we can see these aspects of our consciousness that function within the male principle or female principle, and observe this as consciousness energy that impacts all of our bodies. Our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual bodies are inherently connected to the energetic positions of the gender centers that operate in our lightbody. These gender positions act as programs for our consciousness expression.  On the path of awakening, we will come to the phase where we must address gender imbalances by seeing how these imbalances are being reflected back to us from the material world. Generally,  this reflection will be sourced from relationships we have with other people that can mirror these aspects back to us.  As we gain more clarity in the self-reflection and mirror reflection process, the gender aspects that operate as energies inside of us become more clarified, and thus, they start to unify to work together, naturally. The principles of gender or pairs of opposite are Universal Laws, so when we obey the natural laws, we gain more symmetry and balance with our inner and outer gender reflections.

During the awakening process, we want to be aware of these interactions by consciously participating with these gender parts, so that we can bring these aspects into energetic balance which manifests as inner coherence. As the pairs of opposite exist in the microcosm of our personal identity, the same gender centers and gender positions have a macrocosmic function that impact the planetary body and collective consciousness.  Many of us awakening are aware that we are existing in the dark age of patriarchal domination, of which manifested as the total rejection of the female or mother principle in the collective human consciousness, and as a result, all of humanity became deeply hurt and traumatized from the loss of their true mother principle. Without the mother principle, the planet fell into patriarchal control from the promoted belief systems of the NAA [Negative Alien Agenda], who use the Archontic Deception Strategies to reinforce that internal gender schism and feed the imbalances in the human belief system. This furthers the core pain of the gender split that disconnects humanity from their true spiritual selves. We cannot join harmoniously with our soul until we seek out our true mother and inner female to be revealed to us. We must experience her. As we wish to heal our soul, we are healing our inner female and mother principle, that has been disconnected from the immense pain humanity felt with her absence. We must heal our mother in order to get to be with our real father, this is an esoteric truth in finding the energetic balance between the male and female principles that exist within ourselves. There is no ability to know the true father, without unconditionally loving the mother and embracing the female principle inside of us. As we leave the dark age of patriarchal domination, ruled by the False King of Tyranny and the Alien version of the Dark Mother, we must start with opening our heart to find out who and what our real mother is, and then surrender to her. We surrender to our Mother when we surrender our heart to be fully open, vulnerable and dedicated to the full governance of our highest spiritual self. Then, through our Mother, and our growing love for her, she leads us to find our true Father, thus, the False King of Tyranny and the Dark Mother are vanquished from having control over our body and consciousness. Once we know the true Mother and Father, we know who the Imposters are, and we refuse their influences upon our spiritual consciousness.

The macrocosmic principles of the Gender Laws, the Pairs of Opposite, are gradually shifting in the planetary architecture, and this shifts the energetic positions of the gender centers in the instruction sets of the gridwork on the planet. Essentially, this is a planetary body merkaba shift between the counter rotating spirals of the masculine and feminine energies that shift and transform how these gender principles interact with each other. What this means is that everything having to do with the masculine and feminine principles of energy operating on this planet, are undergoing some kind of alchemical transformation at the blueprint and consciousness level. This brings to the surface of our awareness gender imbalances and we will be forced to observe and see the places in our life where we are out of balance with our gender principles. We will go back to the past to see the causal reasons of gender imbalances, to know why we made this choice that created the effects that we have in our life today. Maybe we have chosen intimate partners that are a mirror reflection of one of our parents, in so to complete emotional conflicts we had as children. When we can see these influences, it allows us the opportunity to find emotional clarity and responsibility with the choices that we have made, and to make the needed alterations to change those effects that have manifested as imbalances in our life and in our current relationships. It also allows us to see these gender imbalances more clearly in our family, in society or how it is being reflected to us by other people. When we can see these gender imbalances clearly operating around us or inside of us, this is the first step to clearing those distortions and destructive patterns.

If we do not know about the true androgynous nature of our spiritual consciousness, and that we exist as both genders no matter what body we have incarnated into, our fears block us from having that potential healing experience. If we remain open to receive anything that is in alignment to our highest expression with God Source, we are allowing unimaginable ways that our spirit may manifest blessings into our reality.

Clarifying Gender Issues

Now that this is becoming available in the planetary consciousness field, it has direct impacts to transform the embodiments of the masculine and feminine energies and the roles and belief systems that men and women have. Primarily, this will be a time of which all gender issues will be brought to the surface in order to be explored, discovered and redefined,  to energetically transform into a deeper clarity of truth for each individual. Each person has to have this experience directly, where they are faced with dealing with emotional conflicts of which have stunted their growth, and to reconcile these gender aspects. People are asking themselves the questions, in order to reflect upon the meaning of being a man or women on this earth. What does it mean to you? What does it feel like when you take out social expectations and family obligations? Can you unconditionally love and accept yourself as you are now, without those obligations and social layers defining gender? This shift will greatly impact all intimate relationships, with a focus on partnerships, marriages, and other unions. On this journey of deep discovery for humankind, learning how to become energetically balanced males and females, we stand at an evolutionary precipice which will bring to the surface all hidden thoughts and behaviors. We must look at our history, our social memes and values to fully recognize what has happened to distort our culture as a race of men and women, that split us apart rather than unifying us. As we regain the sense of what it means to live in true compassion within a humane society, united in equal value for both men and women, we will be pushed to look at what has happened that is the good, the bad and the ugly. We cannot continue to live in denial to any self-deception where we continue to create pain and hurt in ourselves and in others, because we refuse to look at both genders that exist inside of ourselves and consider them as in equal value, as the divine emanation made manifest from the God Source.

As humanity biologically evolves throughout the Spiritual Ascension process, there is the alchemical process of synthesizing the pairs of opposing forces that exist within the gender centers within the auric (spiritual-energetic) bodies. As we come into exposure with these frequencies they activate our spiritual progress, and we will naturally attract experiences, such as other people and circumstances that are designed to help us further spiritually develop and emotionally grow. Most of these types of spiritually based experiences or relationships will push to the surface these types of energetic imbalances, such as fears or unresolved pain that exist in the mental and emotional body, and are projected in relationships. We can see projections in the behaviors that people have and how they treat their partners, friends or loved ones. This is the only way we can become aware of our inner imbalances, by reflecting on our own thoughts,  behaviors, and actions in our relationships with others, especially when we are facing gender principle imbalances. These issues must surface in our awareness so that we can recognize them in order to take responsibility for them. In making new choices, we can regain the inner gender unification which creates energetic balance and this state of consciousness is closely aligned to our true core essence. If we do not understand the context of our experience or relationship as a purposed evolutionary journey, we can become stuck on obsolete co-dependent patterns and mired in looping painful issues. The experiences that surface energetic imbalances is designed by the higher spiritual intelligence and not by our ego preferences. This means there are times we have to face unpleasant truths and our deepest fears and emotionally painful issues. Until the ego programs are neutralized from exercising day to day behaviors that are used to continually split the gender principles that exist within, the person’s ascension pathway will be littered with suffering through mental confusion and dark manipulation. This is why having a basic Ascension context, coupled with negative ego clearing and focus on unifying the gender principles that exist inside ourselves, is highly suggested in order to experience the easiest and most harmonious progress through one’s spiritual ascension. This awareness is important to apply in all relationship settings, by building context that the person appearing in your life right now, is there for a reason and higher purpose of which you can dedicate for your spiritual growth to learn the lessons being presented to you.  In this cycle, we are being pushed to be emotionally and spiritually clear of the current personal relationship design, as we focus on the purpose of our relationships, we can be given the clarity we need that leads us to make the required changes to further our spiritual development. Every person is ultimately designed to accomplish this with their expanding consciousness, and is fully capable to achieve this return to energetic balance in order to experience divine connection with all things. At this time, the inner and outer experiences of achieving energetic balance, will be supported by those who seek it with much greater ease on the planet, due to the Mother and Father principles transforming to come into unification within themselves.





~via – Time Shift Blog – August 25, 2016