JEFF STREET (Divine Cosmos): “The Shift and The Quickening of Manifestation”


Our physical reality is the embodiment of separation consciousness.  Ours is a reality characterized by competition, conflict, and fear and it is simply a reflection of our state of consciousness.  For we are creating all of it — the good, and the bad, and the ugly with our thoughts and our beliefs.  The physical realms are where we manifest dualistic realities that contain good vs. evil, competition vs. cooperation, conflict vs. harmony, and fear vs. love.  All realities, physical or non-physical, are constructs of thought and we are creating all of it.

Higher Realms and Higher Ideals

None of these things; evil, competition, conflict, or fear, exist in the higher non-physical realms of existence, and that’s because these realms are realms of higher levels of consciousness that long ago left behind the state of separation/duality consciousness and moved into a state of love/unity consciousness.

Truth, Right and Wrong, and Us Against Them

In our current plane of reality people seek for, argue about, and even fight over what is the truth and who is right and wrong, devolving into “us against them” mentalities. And it is so futile because there are no absolute truths, all truth is relative to your perspective and level of consciousness. The only things that are absolute in all of existence are that all is consciousness, the multidimensional structure of consciousness, and the laws and mechanics of reality creation.  Everything else is simply what we bring into existence by what imagine and believe.  Anything and everything in our reality can be erased in an instant and replaced with anything of our choosing.  We are creators and we are creating with our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

As we progress as beings through the physical planes of existence, we do so by transcending one level of consciousness and attaining the next which allows us to perceive and experience whole new levels of reality and leave behind the prior levels forever. As we progress through the levels of consciousness, we also progress through the physical planes of reality, and we progressively move away from separation consciousness towards unity consciousness. By the time we progress through all the planes of reality that we would consider physical, we have fully transcended separation consciousness and have no need to incarnate into the physical planes ever again.

Beyond Good and Evil

Be assured that the universe is NOT a battle between good and evil, the only place that a battle between good and evil is occurring is in our own consciousness — which is then reflected as our reality and as our experiences.  All realities are constructs of the thoughts of the participants.  We are creating good and evil by believing they exist.  Nothing exists that we do not imagine first.

Changing Yourself is Changing Your Reality

And understand that the only thing that you need to do to transcend this reality, to no longer be a part of a reality dominated by competition, conflict, and fear is to change YOUR state of consciousness to one of characterized by compassion, forgiveness, cooperation, and unity.  Change yourself and as you do you will find that your world will change too.

cooperation (2)

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

— Rumi

Your personal reality is a reflection of your own state of consciousness and beingness, change it and your personal reality will transform and the old reality will intrude less and less into your personal experience, and eventually you will leave it behind entirely.  And if everyone did this, if everyone changed their state of consciousness to one of compassion, forgiveness, cooperation, and unity our entire collective reality would be transformed in the blink of an eye.

Try it, you’ll like it,

Jeff “El Jefe”


3 thoughts on “JEFF STREET (Divine Cosmos): “The Shift and The Quickening of Manifestation”

  1. Rumi sure has a beautiful way with words and so do you. So many people seem to understand in competition we are our own toughest opponent. Now it’s time to understand that in peace we have to change ourselves as well. Thanks for the great post!

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