L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Activating Infinite Awareness ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”

L'Aura Pleiadian

“Many of you reading this have existed in the Angelic Realms and have incarnated also as a Divine Human, here to radiate your Angelic Vibrations, through your Ascension. This agreement to do so, is part of your Soul Design and Plan.” ~L’Aura Pleiadian


Many of you reading this have existed in the Angelic Realms and have incarnated also as a Divine Human, here to radiate your Angelic Vibrations, through your Ascension. This agreement to do so, is part of your Soul Design and Plan.

The Divine Plan through the Unification of Consciousness, is expanding your awareness, as your read this. The words that appear before you, are Light Codes.

The fulfillment of your Design (Blueprint and Plan) is self activating. When vibrational matches held in your programming activate, your DNA then signals the readiness of new levels and new activations. That is, greater expansion, of that which you are.

Your DNA are signalling devices, through which your vibration radiates your current program. Level of awareness. Through which you access, what you are capable of accessing.

You are undergoing a monumental transformation. Perceiving life one way. Then waking up to a completely new world.

Your Blueprint holds the program of your plan and the timing through which your DNA activates, which is your vibration. Your radiation. Your signalling. Which creates the channels of awareness, through which you perceive, reality. 

Your consciousness, although it may seem to be the thoughts you think, or what you think about and perceive as your reality, is far beyond your imagination. The consciousness that you are consists of all that you are. 

Attempting to grasp your consciousness with your thoughts, is sort of like attempting to watch infinite television stations and programs all at once and understand and remember what you are viewing.

Your mind as consciousness, is infinite. It is a cosmic computer, that is not in your body. The You of you, that has access to all of your consciousness, that is, that consciousness.

The thinking process, as you transform is adapting to new capabilities of awareness. To grasp more, to perceive reality from a more expanded view. Closer to what it really is.  As your Heart awakens so do parts of your everyday consciousness awareness. As your Heart is the portal through which your Blueprint activated as the awakened, Divine You.

It is the UNION and joined power of this Union (unified field of consciousness) within You (through your heart) that is the Divine You. Actualized. Activated. 

This helps you to adjust your awareness to the expanded view of reality. Akin to being able to watch simultaneously many channels and shows. That are made up of many dimensions. That exist throughout all time. Your Futures and your Pasts, and the Parallel Versions. Because it iS all going on ALL at ONCE.

You were looking through a sense of limited awareness. Which is now transforming into the EXPANDED TRUE Eternal YOU.

That you ARE. The great part is, we are not creating something new. We are awakening to Something that we already ARE.

It has always been taking place.

You are already Ascended.

You exist In Future timelines, NOW, looking back, so to speak at this, THE SAME time the YOU, here in form, are reading this.

You are Being activated NOW in this your Expansion of Consciousness.

It is all LIGHT.

You are ALL that.

And you are this.

It is perfect.

It is Divine.

It is NOW.

Receive this activation of Love and Limitless Light. That activates in your Soul Blueprint, the You of YOU, to be HERE NOW. To awaken to MORE of YOU. All Now. IN this I activate You. You as an Eternal Divine Ascended Being. And so it is Beloved Angels of Light. The First Wave of Ascension. Forever and Now, in Divine Glory. Forevermore.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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