KARRY B: “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

21_05_16 - 1

After a dinner with friends, we wandered a bit. Suddenly these sleeping sheep noticed that the clouds look so strange. I told them that these were chemical clouds. They did not believe me. I taught their view of the airplanes that just sprayed new strip. I gave them instructions to gather information on the Internet about chemtrails and Geoengeneering. What amazes me that so many blind sheep have never noticed this Venomshroud previously. This can only be due to the low oscillating perceptions of people block this realization. There is also no use, like a carnival barker, harass with “conspiracy” each. Only when they realize it themselves, wake up straight. Then you can give conscious tips to them. “Energy flows where attention goes” learned I from a dear wise mentor. If I always point to the war and the injustices that take me and my environment also this energy pattern to. So begins in spirit with my intention right thinking and acting! ✌  ~Karry B








Photo credit: Karry B – Copyright 2016.  All rights reserved.