LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Meeting our Master”

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We are entering the next evolutionary stage in the planetary consciousness fields as the result made from the bifurcation in the time fields. This is the frequency split occurring between timelines which govern humanities continued evolution and direction on the earth plane, as we move into future timelines. This is like a galactic superhighway access into the planetary architecture that acts similarly as an interdimensional routing network. This galactic network has allowed rapid soul transiting and dispersing of collective consciousness that is finally able to be elevated out of lower realms and moved into higher evolutionary pathways. Yet, at the same time,  there are destructive and violent people becoming fixated with the Fallen Angelic group consciousness levels that are deeply enmeshed in the lower frequency fields, manifesting similarly as possession, made by lower elemental-animalistic forces. This cycle is accelerated now, as we come closer to the time where the earth is elevated into the next harmonic universal structure, and whereby another telemetric measurement of the collective consciousness is made at the end of 2017.

The intentions we have and the choices that we make in this bifurcated field greatly impact our future evolution now, and where we are directed when we leave the earth plane.  Humanity is at an intersection of making the vibrational choice of one’s spiritual authority, that is creating an overall qualitative energetic measurement to align us into the new cycle of possibilities. Humanity faces the crossroads in time between progressing into the highest expression of one’s best future scenario or, digressing into a very painful downfall into the rock bottom of chaos, violence, and suffering. From this point on, with the Sophianic body correction underway, the alchemical transformation of our consciousness evolution is about to manifest in synchronistic timing with the Alchemical laws and in fully interconnected singularity.

Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience a pinnacle event in the planetary ascension. The Great Work of Alchemy in Latin is called the Magnum Opus. Now, we enter the potential of meeting our personal Magnum Opus, which culminates as the Spiritual Ascension Alchemy Laws that we have undergone over the last annual cycle. In this cycle, we have the potential to meet and face our inner Master, whether that Master is money, materialism, intellect, ego fears or communing with the loving and eternal God spirit. This meeting point, with whoever is our Master, is reconfiguring collective human energy fields into aligning with either the descending cycles or ascending time cycles. Those groups moving into the ascending timeline will enter a new stage of Ascension Alchemy that is completely governed and protected by the structures that make up the Universal Laws. These ascending groups are accelerated now for the first stages of embodiment of higher plasma forces during the great planetary alchemical work which begins near Easter.

And so we enter into the mystery of mysteries, the Magnum Opus of the alchemical process which has been attempted to be described, imitated and reproduced by many of the mystics and sages of the past ages. The ultimate goal is to perfect our true humanity, to discover our real inner spiritual being, while embodied on this planet. Our Great Work is that we connect to our essential divinity within, to become one with God spirit on the earth. This IS the true divine alchemy of our spiritual initiation and soul purpose during the Spiritual Ascension.

Ancient Alchemy

Ancient alchemists have written that the goal of the Great Work is to perfect any substance, creation or situation through its transformation back into its essential divinity, or Art, within the matter realm. Embodying divinity and creating true Art are considered one and the same in Alchemy. The Magnum Opus is also an alchemist term for the arduous process of forming the legendary substance which generates astounding powers that transform base metals into gold and silver. Knowing that our elemental body is shifting from carbon based atoms to higher based elements made through consistent and gradual frequency shifts; we can connect the dots in our own bodies’ spiritual progression related to personal alchemical processes.

This alchemical transmutation has been referred to symbolically as the substance of the philosopher’s stone,  and is associated with the Elixir, Holy Grail, Eternal Life, Divinity, Quintessence and the Christ. The elixir of the ancient alchemists has essentially claimed the same ability to bring perfection to any substance in matter. When this Alchemical Art is applied to perfect the human body, the elixir cures diseases, returns youth and restores balance with nature. The highest emanation of this mysterious elixir is truly the cosmic aether of Mother’s Holy Spirit (the Chalice) returning to the earth to inspirit her creations, during the Ascension

The Great Work has been used to describe personal ascension and spiritual transmutation in the Gnostic, Hermetic and Kabbalistic teachings, as well as define the alchemy that is attached to laboratory processes and making chemical or elemental changes. Clearly, many of the ancient hermetic traditions are hijacked towards patriarchal domination, promoting sexual misery and dark ignorance, and so this knowledge has been severely corrupted and abused. The end result of the abuses of Alchemical Law is a type of Frankenstein body pieced together that is glorified by Satanists in its most grotesque mutant creations. One such Frankenstein body created through these alchemical abuses is the Baphomet fields, which are appallingly depraved and diseased. The Baphomet field is the negative form of the earth’s Sophianic body, it is the reversal mother that has been used to keep the black magic fields running that feed into the False King of Tyranny structures and enforce the NAA agendas power.

However, even though the impostor spirits (and the NAA) have abused this knowledge of esoteric alchemy for their own selfish agendas on the earth, and they have attempted to corrupt it, ultimately, it really can never truly be corrupted. What we see in the world are the replicants and clones, the dark creations that are made by False Gods abusing power in the world and those unaware people that are not discerning the difference between life force and dead energy. The impostor spirits attempt to imitate, clone and hijack the true divine inheritance of the spirit of Universal Christ consciousness. They want to play God without purifying themselves in the Alchemical Law, and so this abuse of power of the creator’s knowledge is essentially, the anti-Christ. The impostors essentially wrote their own code, structure, architecture and enforced their personal Laws of Will on this earth to defy the Natural Alchemical Laws of God’s will. This is using the sacred knowledge of creation for selfishness and malevolent purposes, which actually distort the natural laws and through its power abuses, create monstrosities that are unable to evolve their consciousness. Essentially, these are the monstrosities accumulated in this dark cycle by the Anti-Christ, the Anti-God entities playing the games of God on the earth, of which we are coming to conclusion with at this time. Many of us that are gridworkers are seeing these monstrosities and shadow hierarchies in a way that we never perceived them before. They are the Fallen Ones.

Christos-Sophia is Alchemical Universal Law of God

However, the Magnum Opus of alchemy is the blueprint for the tempering of the soul while cultivating a perfected human being in their consciousness evolution, path of self-mastery and self-realization. It is also an ideal blueprint in creating masterful art, music and literature. The idea of the magnum opus has been carried forward in some new age and philosophical movements, which bring spiritual significance to these same alchemical processes. We call this Great Work the ultimate goal of spiritual ascension, the inner Christos-Sophia is initiated within us,  to purify and make perfect the complete, energetically balanced and divine human being.

The purification of embodying and achieving the full divinity of the inner Christos-Sophia in matter is symbolic of incorruptible wisdom, love and spiritual power. This is spiritually realized by uniting both coherent, intellectual thinking (masculine, left brain activity) with our direct intuitive knowing of the open, pure and loving heart (feminine, right brain activity). This alchemical transformation is made possible through the inner sacred marriage or the hierogamic union of Christos-Sophia united within our consciousness and then inside our body. They are the Son and Daughter of God principle and act as One unified body, mind and heart.  The Christos-Sophia represents the marriage of divine perfection inherent in the Natural Alchemical Laws of which God’s spirit manifests its Beauty and Art throughout the Universal creation. The original divine human template of the inner Christos-Sophia is made in Gods image and its intentions are the true divine will and destiny upon the earth.

The Extraction of Artificial, Inorganic or Alien

Thus, Spiritual Ascension Alchemy is the natural art and science of mimicking and accelerating nature as well as obeying the Natural Laws of God. Pure alchemy exists within the core spiritual essence of the natural state of the divine being. To connect with inner spiritual alchemy, one must extract the artificial machinery, artificial intelligence, and intentionally remove the inorganic states of being that may have been programmed (mind controlled) within the self. In true spiritual alchemy , one does not superimpose one’s will or ego to really create anything. True alchemists and sages know that all we do is allow ourselves to be the vessel of God Spirit and provide the condition for Nature (God) to do what Nature (God) does. We must discover our real inner truth located within the essential core being, to seek the inner knowledge of the authentic and true Self. So the consciousness transformation which is ignited during the inner alchemical process of spiritual ascension, is not really caused by the will of the alchemist. It is caused through our essential divine nature when in full observance, dedication, devotion and purposeful alignment to the Natural Laws of God. To make the effort to seek truth and know the God within, takes great dedication and discipline of the mind through focused meditation.  As we come to know ourselves more deeply, we look to provide the purely natural conditions for our authentic state of being to blossom, in so that the Natural Universal Laws can operate effectively in our life without artifices or delusions.

And so those on the ascending timeline are now subject to the Natural Universal Laws of God, which perform as an organic function of consciousness evolution through its process of spiritual initiation and personal ascension alchemy. The planetary ascension and humanities ascension is achieved through the repeated process of collective consciousness alchemy (also known as polarity integration and synthesis).  The Master Christos Collective, the Christos-Sophia united within us, is the ultimate consciousness alchemist of all existing polarities by unifying them into oneness or zero point. The Alchemical Laws are divinely expressed through a series of electromagnetic signals, pulsations and frequency transmissions which are now connected into the star constellations influenced by the Aurora Ray System. This is evolving our Zodiac on the wheel of the Galactic plane to fulfill the alchemical principles of the Natural Universal Laws hosted by the Master Christos Collective. The Zodiac is the ring of constellations that the Sun passes through each year as the Earth orbits around it. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually 13 major transmissions made through the zodiacal constellations, and during this next annual cycle, these 13 principles (Laws) transmit through our Sun. We have recently moved into the 13th Stage of Pisces which represents the completion cycle of our personal magnum opus, all the inner emotional work, spiritual healing, the focus we have made that was directed over the last year, comes into conclusion or manifestation in order to propel us forward, into the new direction and spiritual mission we are given for the coming year.

Stage 13 – PISCES – March 12 – April 18

Alchemical Theme: Ascension, Perfection, Christos-Sophia

Element: Water, Aether

The process of perfection is only achieved through the inner marriage of the Mother and Father, and ultimately uniting them in a third state of stellar consciousness. The incorruptible wisdom is symbolized by the Christ Child that results from the marriage of the true Cosmic Father and Mother, and the Stars themselves. This is the attainment of the complete preservation of the body through the inner spirit, nourished in light rays and sound waves. One who has obtained the power of spiritualizing the body and knows how to transmute the corruptible physical into the incorruptible spirit. A Krystal being who attains an eternal spiritual body, and is able to break out of the karmic cycle to attain freedom from reincarnation in this space time. This is the ultimate process of planetary ascension, freedom from the prison planet and the fallen. This Great Work is the ultimate goal of spiritual ascension; the inner Christos-Sophia is initiated within to make perfect the complete divine human being.

May you enter the new cycle with increased, peace, love and abundance in your heart.

(Source: ES News Magnum Opus, March 2014)